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Price List


Shop Drawing

Gineri curtain wall

1st Steps

Pattern Modification

Create New Project

Basic Settings

Setting Up The Printer


Window List

List of cut

How to Get a Material Order

Cut List Report

Tools in Project

Change Extruder Seria

Freeze and Unfreeze


Type Creation for Beginner Users

How to add an Outside Frame

How to Insert Inside Sash/Frame Filler

How To Insert a Mullion

How to Build a New Folding

Fix Window Creation

Tilt&Turn Window Design

Opening Window Creation

Type Creation for Advanced Users

How to Add Touchy Accessory

How to Insert a Double Door Info Fix

How to Insert Sash into a Fix

How to add a Sash Top Light

How to Create Sliding – Fix on 3

How to Change Casement Sash

Price Insertion/Update

How to set Discounts on

How to Set Glass Prices

Insert profile price by length

Insert profile price by weight

Insert new color 


Gineri For Experts

How to add an Outside Frame

How to Insert Inside Sash

Gineri for Rolling Shutters

Wizard Answer Details

How to Insert Own Accessory