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GINERI QQ – Quick Quotation


A professional software tool for window and door dealers and sales agents, GINERI QQQuick Quotation enables users to create professional quotations quickly and accurately.

Right in front of their clients, the dealers and sales agents use the flexibility and speed of GINERI QQ to produce as many variations of a client request as they need.

The sales person shows their clients all of the available products in the database and works with them to create the windows and doors they want to have in their projects.

Thus sales professionals are provided the opportunity to produce the correct balance of price, product and style for each and every client.

This gives them a true competitive advantage and allows them to win new business!

A professional print out can be created which is flexible and can be adjusted to each client. These print outs can be customized for each quotation to include various information; client address and financial information, their logo, any and all of the details of their order including of course the final price and discounts.

GINERI QQ has a unique and personalized database for each and every user.  This database includes the windows and doors, as well as glass and accessories, inside the program.

Of course this database can be updated to include new products and accessories!

All details can be obtained from our technical department, which is available to support you and your business.



 GINERI QQ – Features

Price calculations are made using; Price list tables, Fixed prices or Price range groupings, all of which are all based upon square meters or square feet
Calculation Project calculations can include user costs (production, packaging, transportation, installation, etc.), agent commissions, client discounts and taxes, as well as user profit parameters.Individual pattern price calculations (of types within a project) can include choices of optional accessories, hardware, profiles and glass.
Window and Door types Fix, opening (single & double), tilt, tilt & turn (single and double); door (single & double) ; sliding (with fix, slide or tilt & slide sash panels), pocket (single & double; up to 18 different track and sash panel combinations), mosquito net (fix), persiana (up to 6 different track and sash panel combinations), double hung, rolling shutter, folding door (up to 10 sash panels), as well as various complex type combinations.
Free type option Photo images can be used for special, unique, non-standard types.
Divide Options for inserting standard transoms and mullions, as well as grilles (fake transoms) into all windows and door types.
Editorum Options for pattern personalization, at any time, including; profile color change, glass composition change, pattern text for individual items, use the GINERI Wizard, etc.
Print Editor Print EditorEnables the user to customize their printing options for every quotation.Options for customization of beginning and ending text for every quotation, cut list, and material order.
Print PDF Quotations can be saved and printed in PDF format.
Send by e-mail Quotations can be sent by email directly from GINERI QQ.
Currency The default currency can be converted to any other currency set by the user.
Network Several GINERI licenses can be connected in a local network with access to a common GINERI database.
Export Projects or types can be exported between GINERI QQ users which are working in separate databases.