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About Us

We know windows and doors!

Team GINERI is a group of experienced window and door technicians with over 70 years of experience in extruding, designing, manufacturing and selling windows and software in various markets around the world.

Every day from our offices in Transylvania we interact daily with existing clients and potential clients around the world, discussing how we can help them work better using GINERI.
GINERI software is unique because it was created through our intimate knowledge of your needs as a window and door software user.

Through studying this market for more than 10 years, Team GINERI learned which program features are most important for window and door entrepreneurs and businessmen. After years of research, we have developed leading-edge window and door software that is technologically proficient irrespective of what material you utilize to create your profiles. Our solutions increase worker performance and production quality, resulting in significant savings for your company.

Team GINERI has used many different software programs over the years to design, manufacture and sell windows & doors. They have sold software to clients before creating GINERI. After listening to and working with these clients as well as incorporating their own experiences they designed GINERI software.

Their goal was to create solutions for the daily needs as well as more complex requirements of window and door software users. GINERI products and Team GINERI accomplish this goal, around the world, every day!

GINERI Products

GINERI is state-of-the-art software which works with PVC, Aluminum, Steel and Wood profiles. It is designed for use by window and door extruders, manufacturers, designers, fabricators and sales organizations.

At GINERI, we provide customized products. New features are continuously integrated into the software, based upon client’s needs and desires. Thus, each product is personalized to meet each client’s requirements.

GINERI software is designed to be very easy to work with. Our intuitive user interface makes learning the program and working with GINERI simple.

Our top-of-the-line products, available across countries and continents, cater to the latest and most complex business needs. The growing complexity of this market makes efficient manufacturing operations extremely important. Even small errors can lead to huge losses of time, materials and money. PVC, Aluminum, Steel and Wood have become rather expensive thus clients need window and door software that is smart enough to ensure optimum use of all your raw materials.

Having the best and the most cost-effective design is a great way to win and retain clients. To achieve this, you need a software solution that helps you to quickly complete important tasks such as; proper designing of client requirements, detailed cost analysis (material and labor), preparing accurate quotations, and calculating exact production measures.

The need for high quality software is increasing daily. GINERI software has a unique combination of features and modules to make your business more effective and efficient. Our software brings many solutions which will save you time and money while offering the best quality.

They have raised the bar for designing window and door software by ensuring unprecedented quality and productivity enhancement in your designs. If a good window and door designing software is worth its weight in gold, we have the “heaviest piece” of software on the market!