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GINERI SQ – Simple Quote


GINERI SQ – Simple Quote was created to be used in the sales office or in the field, wherever the first contact with the client is made.

Our newest professional software tool for window and door sales people, GINERI SQ – Simple Quote enables users to create professional quotations quickly and accurately.

Right in front of their clients, the sales people use the flexibility and speed of GINERI SQ to produce as many variations of client requests as they need.

This new product allows the sales person to work directly with their clients to design and create new windows and doors.   GINERI SQ gives them the necessary flexibility to create products which fit the exact specifications, needs and desires of each client… and each new project!

Thus sales professionals are provided the opportunity to produce the correct balance of design, price, product and style for each and every client.

This gives them a true competitive advantage and allows them to win new business!

A professional print out is created which is flexible and can be adjusted to each client. These print outs are customized for each quotation to include various information; client address and financial information, their logo, any and all of the details of their order including of course the final price and discounts.

Another great advantage of GINERI SQ is that when the client has approved their order all of the necessary information can be easily transferred via email or internal network to the manufacturing department.  Immediately they can begin to process the order for your client.

GINERI SQ has a unique and personalized database for each and every client.  This database includes the windows and doors, as well as glass and accessories, inside the program.

Of course this database can be updated to include your new products and accessories!

All details can be obtained from our technical department, which is available to support you and your business.

GINERI SQ – Features

Library of windows and doors (standard Types) User defined library with a complex list of any Type (Casement, Sliding, Tilt & Turn, Curtain wall, etc.). Users with less experience (and novice users too) simply have to choose a desired Type from the library and add it to their project to then be modified for their needs.
Works with various glazing systems In GINERI user can work with the following glazing systems: Glazing beads, Double glazing beads, Glazing beads with 1 gasket, Hugger, Wood aluminum, Structural glazing, Standard curtain wall, Only 1 gasket.
Wizard Predefined question and answer system which automatically help users to build and modify their desired Types more quickly and easily.
Designing rectangular windows User can design many kinds of rectangular window Types.
Designing doors User can design various types of single and double doors (user can specify for a door to be with frame, with or without sill).
Vertical and horizontal divide The Type can be divided into multiple areas with horizontal and/or vertical mullions and works with many breaking options.
Create Types with different opening functions Window and door Types available in GINERI:
– Fix window
– Opening window (single & double)
– Tilt & Turn window (single & double)
– Tilt window.
Options: Tilt down or up
– Doors (single & double).
Options: with frame, with sill, without sill
– Sliding (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 3×2, 4×2, 6×3, 8×4, 10×5).
Options: staggered rail use, fix sash, tilt & slide sash.
– Folding doors (maximum 10 sashes)
– Pocket (single – 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 – Left & Right; double – 2×1, 4×2, 6×3, 8×4)
– Curtain wall (standard & structural)
– Mosquito net (fix, sliding)
– Persiana (fix, sliding)
– Rolling Shutter
– Pivot
– Double hung
Add Type GINERI enables the user to create a new Type by combining several window Types together (for ex. a fix window near a door with a different frame) allowing the user to be able to create more complex structures (ex. balcony).
Arc and Angle Enables user to create simple arc and simple angled windows.
Works with a variety of glass and panel options GINERI can calculate all glass and panel thicknesses which can be used in the actual Type and the appropriate corresponding accessories.
Local glaze User can specify glaze groups that will be used in their Type.
Quotation Enables user to create professional and complete quotations.
Window List Prepares a project list (preview of Types, dimensions, surface finishes, colors, glass).
LANGUAGE GINERI is available in the following languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Macedonian, Mongolian, and Hebrew.
Data import The users are able to import data from GINERI technicians (profiles, accessories, window types or projects). The users can import their own data from one database to another, only if they have purchased the separate Data Export Module.
For individual patterns GINERI can calculate the cost of production for individual patterns.
For entire project GINERI calculates the cost of production for an entire project (including all patterns).
Material costs  aluminum, P.V.C, wood, accessories, glass, profile waste, etc.
User can specify price for painting or anodizing a surface.
Work costs production, packaging, transportation, etc.
These costs can be calculated from: the total material price without V.A.T., from a fix price or from a surface price (sqm, sqfeet).
Profit user defined, calculated from the final price without V.A.T.
Tax calculations software can be programmed to calculate V.A.T. and other of taxes.
Such as; PST & GST (Canadian tax system), CST & Octroi (Indian tax system).