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GINERI software assists Extrusion clients to manage their client relationships more efficiently and effectively.

A unique and personalized GINERI database is created for every extrusion client.

Their clients will have this database inside of their GINERI software at their factories and offices.  Thus clients have all of the extruder’s products and accessories at their fingertips, making it easier and quicker to order without errors.

When clients have GINERI software, they will order more products over the course of time.

The extruder’s database can be updated to include their newest products and accessories.

The GINERI Banner: a new feature of our software.

This embedded banner is a unique marketing tool which allows our extrusion clients to maintain a constant presence in the minds and the eyes of their clients.  Their banners embedded in GINERI software will be shown constantly while the client is using the program.

Our extruder clients can create as many banner videos as they want and insert them into the software, assuring that which will be seen daily at their client’s factories and offices.

This allows extruders to promote best selling products, as well as newly introduced ones.

They can even create videos for special promotions and sales events!

All details can be obtained from our technical department, which is available to support you and your business.