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[expand title=”Gineri presentation” expanded=”true”]

Gineri presentation

Gineri presentation
Gineri minor prints
Gineri major prints


[expand title=”1st Steps” expanded=”true”]

1st Steps

Pattern Modification

Create New Project


[expand title=”Basic Settings” expanded=”true”]

Basic Settings


Setting Up The Printer


[expand title=”Reports” expanded=”true”]


Window List

List of cut

How to Get a Material Order

Cut List Report

[expand title=”Tools in Project” expanded=”true”]

Tools in Project

Change Extruder Seria

Freeze and Unfreeze


[expand title=”Type Creation for Beginner Users” expanded=”true”]

Type Creation for Beginner Users

How to add an Outside Frame

How to Insert Inside Sash/Frame Filler

How To Insert a Mullion

How to Build a New Folding

Fix Window Creation

Tilt&Turn Window Design

Opening Window Creation


[expand title=”Type Creation for Advanced Users” expanded=”true”]

Type Creation for Advanced Users

How to Add Touchy Accessory

How to Insert a Double Door Info Fix

How to Insert Sash into a Fix

How to add a Sash Top Light

How to Create Sliding – Fix on 3

How to Change Casement Sash


[expand title=”Price Insertion/Update” expanded=”true”]

Price Insertion/Update

How to set Discounts on

How to Set Glass Prices

Insert profile price by length

Insert profile price by weight

Insert new color 



[expand title=”Gineri For Experts” expanded=”true”]

Gineri For Experts

How to add an Outside Frame

How to Insert Inside Sash

Gineri for Rolling Shutters

Wizard Answer Details

How to Insert Own Accessory