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GINERI Allargato

With GINERI Allargato you will be able to create even more sophisticated projects and types.

Because you will have additional Application Modules inside of the software and therefore at your fingertips!

GINERI Allargato has all of the great features of GINERI Fondamento….

PLUS the existing GINERI Application Modules;

Smart Optimization, Price list, Inertia, Stock Manager and Network (or) Data Export.

And don’t forget our newest Module: Shop Drawing!

By adding all of these Modules into your personalized version of GINERI you will have the most powerful tool available to help you to win and retain clients.

All of the many features of GINERI Allargato are listed within the features pages in the site.  Please visit them for more detailed information.


Below are listed quick descriptions of the Application Modules.  Please visit the Modules page for more detailed information.


All details can be obtained from Team GINERI, which is available to support you and your business.

Shop Drawing Our newest module automatically creates dissected views of all Types (AutoCAD format).
Smart optimization Optimization using different bar lengths. GINERI can select the optimal bar length.
Price list Create price list for a window type between defined measures ranges.
Stock Management Management of your stock or inventory.
Inertia Calculates a wind load test on the Type according to the given wind pressure and the deflection value. The user will be warned if the profiles for their Types do not pass the load test.
Network Several GINERI licenses can be combined in a network with access to the common database (all users can see every modification).
Data Export The users are able to send different information from one GINERI to another, as profiles, accessories, window types or projects.