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Stock Manager module

The Stock manager is the place where you can see the materials that exist in your stock, and also the number of ordered and available items. Any incoming or outgoing material movments can be follewd with this software module.

The types of materials what are stored in the database are:

  • Profiles – quantities in bars
  • Accessories by unit – quantities in unit
  • Accessories by length. – quantities in meter

The most important of stock information are the quantities that show the flow of the items:

  • Qt. in stock  – the real quantity that is on stock,
  • Qt. in order  – the quantity of items that have been ordered but had not yet arrived,
  • Min – the minimum quantity that should be available on stock,
  • Qt. freezed  – the quantity of items that wait to go out for the corresponding project,
  • Available – the quantity of items that exist or are ordered and are not necessary to given projects,
  • Qt. to order  – the quantity that has to be ordered to fulfill the needs

Each item in the stock has a history where every material movmenet/change can be tracked down easily.