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GINERI Fondamento

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The need for high quality window and door software is increasing daily.

Through studying the window and door market for more than 10 years, Team GINERI learned which program features are most important for window and door entrepreneurs and businessmen.

To satisfy the needs of window and door software users we created
GINERI Fondamento!

This window and door software has a unique combination of features and modules to make your business more effective and efficient. This software solution will save you time and money.

With GINERI Fondamento you will be able to create in quick and easy way fully customizable projects, client quotations, cut lists, etc.

With just a few clicks generate material lists and customize the profile cuts using any bar length to minimize your loss of material in the stock.

Enjoy the great features of our fully customizable price calculator, use different currencies calculate your own profit and set additional cost during you entire manufacturing process.

There are many more great features included, ready for you to get the job done in no time.

All details can be obtained from our technical department, which is available to support you and your business.

Fondamento Features

Basic (essential) General basic parts.
Quotatio Enables you to print a quotation (offer and order)
Arc and angle Enables you to produce arc and angled windows
Production Enables you to print a cut list with the information needed to produce the window.
Data Import  The user are able to receive different information from other GINERI users, as profiles, accessories, window types or projects.
Simple Optimization  Optimization using standard bar lengths (6m).
Smart optimization Optimization using different bar lengths. GINERI can select the optimal bar length.
Work cost GINERI can calculate the cost of production.
Project group Used to total the materials for several projects or for a full month. Used to order materials for several project, or to optimize them (increase efficiency).
Print editor Customizable prints. Every user gets this by default.
Print PDF Every list can be saved in PDF format.
Send by e-mail Every list can be sent by email directly from GINERI
Window list   Prepare a project list (drawing, dimensions, surface finish, colors, glass)
List of cut Prepare a list of profile quantities and dimensions
Add type Enables the user to combine several window types (for example, a fix window near a door with a different frame).
New extruded seria Lets the user enter a new profile extruder or series
Parallel Accessory The user can have more than one accessory system and choose which to use for each window.
Mosquito net layer Insect screen, fly screen
Rolling Shutter layer Rolling shutter
Export material to Excel Exports the material list to Excel or to the clipboard.
Extruded seria change 
A project can be converted form one profile system to another, keeping both variants. The user can see the price for this twofold project created from different profiles at the same time.
Quotation in other currency The currency of the offer can be changed.
Labels Enables the user to print detailed labels that can  be pasted on the profiles after they have been cut.

Hardware requirements

Operating system: Windows
HARD DISK SPACE 300 MB (+300 MB for backups)

CPU — Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon Dual Core, 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology
DISPLAY –1028×760

CPU — Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon, 3.0 GHz or greater; Intel or AMD Dual Core, 2.0 GHz or greater
DISPLAY –1366×768 or greater
MEMORY — 4 GB RAM or greater